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Learn how to play poker games from the worst players ever

Here’s an education to play in qiuqiu99 successfully made by a group of losers. Find out how failures can teach us what to do and what not do in poker.

Are you shocked of this article? Of course, you are. No poker enthusiast would want to receive tips from a loser. However, here’s one friendly reminder for you – bad example is sometimes the most efficient example.

Believing in this statement, as well as in the progress you will soon make in qiuqiu99 and poker, we have gathered the biggest losers of all time. These players were generous and kind enough to share with us, as well as with you, the most helpful tricks and secrets from their experience. They were talking about huge mistakes, about catastrophic errors and some really bad practices that leaded them to a huge nothing. To a failure.

So if you don’t want to take this road, too, don’t stop reading, but learn how to play poker games from the worst players ever.

  • Being egocentric is the worst characteristic for a poker player. Our dear friends, the poker losers, have explained us in details what the difference between self-confidence and eco is. It turned out that this same difference can be a huge catastrophe for every poker enthusiast, who crosses the line. Here’s one example to figure it out: a player from Ohio joined a tournament in the last by an invitation sent from his friend, who’s kind of a poker guru. Our loser appeared at the same table with this master. Eventually, within the progress of the game, he wanted to prove how good – or even better – he is and clicked on the all in button. He did not even count the chances to win. He did not even considered how much money he was left with and whether it was enough for a re-buy.
  • Here’s another story of a loser, who, on the other side, claims that there’s one more line you shouldn’t cross in poker. The line between the too much playing time and the enough time to gain more practice. Our friend, the loser, wanted to become a poker master so badly that within 72 hours he forgot to eat. He also forgot to sleep. And as you can think off, he forgot to shut down the computer. On the fourth day, the loser was out of money, with headache and his wife kicked him off. Just to mention, this same player swears that before the poker marathon, his better half actually did not mind he was an online poker player.
  • And our last story is about a lucky man. But don’t get it wrong. He was lucky only in life. In poker, this loser registered a lot of failures and he had even decided to quit gambling through the responsible gambling option as being afraid of addiction. Eventually, when he realized what his mistake was he came back to poker. What was the mistake anyway? The poker player counted on the hunches too much. Every time he felt lucky, he pulled his smartphone out of his pocket and started playing aggressively. But luck was not enough. Especially, if considering the fact that he had no progress in poker skill development.

See? There’s a point in listening to failing stories! They do have some valuable lessons to tell.

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