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How to install a casino mobile app?

Read here to learn the process to install an Online casino for real money mobile app. See what you have to know before you click on the download button.

Did you know that besides a mobile browser version the majority of today’s online casinos also provide native applications? And are you aware of the fact that apps can be much more comfortable to be used for online gambling? Here’s why:

  • They use less mobile data traffic
  • They send you live notifications for hot events, new bonuses and everything new related with the casino
  • They offer you a faster access directly through your mobile device home screen
  • They are proven to show less bugs than the traditional mobile browser versions

If you are keen in playing mobile games with real money on the go, please don’t close this page and stay with us to find out how to get one.

Step by step guide on a casino mobile native app applications

Here’s our manual that will help you use a native app on your device for gambling:

  • Choose a mobile casino that has an app save for a mobile browser version. Please, note that all casinos nowadays have mobile browser versions, but not all of them have native apps
  • See whether the app is located at its official market place depending on the OS you use. If you have an Android device, look for an app in Google Play Store. If you use an Apple device, you will have to search for the app in Apple App Store.
  • Attention: Google forbids the upload of real money gaming apps on its Google Play Store in some countries. So if you don’t find the app for Android don’t hurry up to choose another casino. Instead, check out for an apk file in the gambling house’s mobile browser version.
  • Before you download it, though, you will have to enable the download processes via unknown sources, which for all Android devices are the sources different from the official Google Play Store.
  • If you have an iPhone or an iPad there might be no apk files for direct downloads via the casino’s mobile browser version. Apple team doesn’t ban any real money apps on the Apple App Store platform. You will find an app if your casino does offer an app for iOS.
  • But before you download any apk file, though, make sure you meet the application technical requirements. If you have a Blackberry mobile device and there are only apps for Android and Apple, sorry, you will have to use the mobile browser version.
  • The technical requirements also include the concrete OS version (the minimum as date), as well as some space to free from your disk for the app.

Ok, go get your app for casino games now! You have figured it out how to download and install it and it’s time for some real gambling and real entertainment, isn’t it? It’s time for Online casino for real money mobile activity!

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